{DIY} Fourth of July Fabric Banner

So this post is a little late, seeing as today is the 7th. But better late than never, right!?

I have been wanting to make one of these banners that I have been seeing every where. They are so cute and add something special to what ever event they are being hung at.
So what better time to make one, to help celebrate the Fourth of July. I was doing a photobooth for a friends party and it was perfect to hang on the backdrop.
What makes this even better, it's SUPER easy!

I cut out triangles that were about 7 1/2 in on top and 8 in down both sides (You can do as many as you want, I made sure I had enough to do a front and back for one triangle piece) and then I whipped up this funky shape to use in between each triangle...you can do pretty much what ever shape or nothing in between... And you are also going to need some Double fold bias tape in a coordinating color. I grabbed 3 just to be safe, I used one 3 yard piece for each section I made.
To keep with in the Fourth of July theme, I painted of course, Red White & Blue! I use your basic fabric paint and let dry.
Now pin the front (painted triangle) to the back (plain triangle) and then I folded my little funky piece in half and pinned everything in place. Then sewed up the sides! On the triangles I didn't worry about sewing the top because it is going to get sewn shut once added to the bias tape.
Now insert your pieces into the bias tape, leaving enough room at each end of the tape to use to tie up. I sewed all the way threw the tape closing up the end pieces as well.
Now that it's all sewn together, hang and ENJOY and of course CELEBRATE!!!

I really love how it turned out!! Definitely plan on making more in the future and will be pulling this back out next year!

***Stay tuned for my post on how I put together my Photo Booth that I used the Banner for, plus some fun photos that were taken!!***

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