{THANKFUL Thursday} AMAZING Pediatricians!

Today Lil Man had his 16 month Well Check visit. 
Weighed in at 23 lbs and is 31 1/2 inches long!!
Can't believe how much he has grown since he was born, kind crazy to think that about a year and a half 
ago he was this tiny 7 lb little squirt! GEEZ time sure does fly!
I have to say, I got so lucky in choosing our pediatrician for our kids. Well, it was actually pretty easy, I was one of his first patients when he started almost 26 years ago. (Oh Dear, I am aging...)
I continued to see him until I was about 18... Guess it would be time to find a regular doctor...
So when it came time to find the PERFECT doctor to see my children, it was kind of a no brainer! 
He is the most down to earth man and so easy going. The kids LOVE him!
He always makes sure that his little patients are well taken care of and thoroughly answers any CRAZY MOM questions I may have. Always assures me that I am a great Mom and raising BEAUTIFUL children (well, I think so too...)
I love that he supports my option to spread out vaccinations and never makes me feel like anything that I am doing as a parent is wrong.
And all of the girls in the office are amazing as well! 
I am so THANKFUL that my little ones are blessed with such an exceptional Pediatrician!!

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