{Weekend iPhone Photo Rewind}

Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!! 
We had some gorgeous weather here in California, warm but nice!
Had a busy FUN Saturday and Sunday!
Spent Saturday cleaning and organizing (not super fun, but was glad to get it done).
Did my Grandmas hair Sunday morning, she was happy to see the kiddos.
Then we were off to my Mom's place, I took pictures for her of my other Grandma's gorgeous gardens. A little quiet time to myself while I captured the blooming flowers and busy little bees.
We also had a little BBQ with my Hubby's parents. Elk Burgers from an Elk the Hubs Uncle shot up in Oregon. 
Surprisingly, it was pretty AMAZING, no gamey taste at all. 
The kids had fun jumping all over Grandma and Grandpa, and also got to play in their new sandbox!
(I also got a new bubble gun from Michael's, it was 80% off, spent $.75 on it!! 
And got them these cute litte rakes and bug catches, they were like $.80 a piece!)
My weekend would not be complete with out a trip to Starbucks and Target. 
I ordered my new FAVORITE drink, Trenta Cool Lime Refresher with Lemonade. Kinda OBSESSED with it. And because I ordered a Refresher and I have a GOLD card, I got a FREE Strawberry Lemonade Refresher, it was YUMMY!!
Headed to Target to get my usually purchases; Almond Milk, Soda, Snackies...
Picked up some new makeup too!! My friend had suggested the Physicians Formula Bronzer, Vegas Strip. LOVE it!! I also got a Kabuki Brush by ELF. For $3, it's a very nice brush! And I also grabbed a few ELF eye shadows. You buy an empty palette, $1. Choose 4 different eye shadow shades, $1 ea. I have never used the line before, but for being so inexpensive, it held up great!

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