{DIY} Skinny Jeans

Okay, so I have to admit, I am a little late on this SKINNY JEANS craze. I only just bought my first pair about a month ago...
I guess its because I am super picky about how jeans fit and how the material feels!!
Lucky for me I found an awesome pair of black ones at Target and fell in love! 
(CONFESSION: I loved them so much, I actually bought myself a second pair...in the same color. 
Don't Judge Me!)
And since I haven't lost all that darn baby weight that continues to follow me around, I am not going to fork out a lot of money on a nice pair that I really want just yet.
So why not just revive an old pair of jeans I have laying around. It's a WIN/WIN for me, no money spent and I already know how they fit, so no stress there! 
(And another plus, the jeans I am using I didn't pay a penny for!! YAY for hand me downs!!)
 Enough of me rambling, lets get down to business.

{Items Needed}
Jeans needing a "Skinny Update", mine were bootcut
Pen (I used a disappearing fabric pen)
measuring tape
Sewing Machine
Seam Ripper (Just keep it handy in case you miss measure, 
like I did 3 times....)

Try your jeans on, inside out, and pinch the jeans around your ankle where you would like them to fit to make your new inseam.
I did the same up the knee area too where they started to flare out, that way the snug in the knee and aren't baggy. I marked both areas with my pen and also measured to make sure both points on each leg were the same distance from the old inseam. **Keep in mind that when you sew you are going to loose at least a 1/4 to a half inch of room, so measure accordingly. I did not do this and when I went to try my jeans on I could not get my feet threw the new hole. Luckily I tried them on before I cut off the extra fabric. And that is where your seam ripper will come in handy. **
I connected the knee mark and the ankle mark I made to create my new inseam line. Now time to sew!

Now just sew the new seam line. 
*As you can tell from the picture, I had to adjust the opening area for not allowing that extra 1/4 in*

After you have tried them on to double check their fit and you are sure that is how you are going to want them, cut off the extra fabric. A about 1/4 from the new seam.

Then as close to the edge as you can, your going to want to run a zig-zag stitch down to help keep the edges from fraying.
And TA-DAA!! You now have a pair of Skinny Jeans! 
Even though I had to redo the seam like 3 times, after its all said and done it was pretty simple. Just a little time and patience.
Now enjoy those "New" Jeans!!


  1. Love this tutorial, super cute jeans!

    1. Thank you!! I am really happy with how they turned out!! I now want to hit up the thrift stores and find more jeans to do this again!!


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