Fun Filled Weekend!

What a great weekend we had!! Laramie went and spent some time at GiGi's house. They went shopping and swimming for hours! And Laramie made a new little friend, my mom's puppy Reagan (Laramie was not happy to leave her.)
While Laramie was soaking up some sun with GiGi, Gunnar and I enjoyed some time together as well.
We had to do some grocery shopping and make a TARGET run (poor me right!) LOL I had to bribe him with a toy to make it through the entire shopping trip, but we made it out in one piece!
Made a much needed stop by STARBUCKS (tried their Lime Refresher for the first time...LOVE IT!) And I wouldn't be a true STARBUCKS addict if I didn't get 2, YES 2 drinks! Love my Black Tea Lemonade!! To avoid traffic and to let the little guy sleep I took a country back road home, and enjoyed the lovely scenery.  I also grabbed the kids these little JUICE bottles, they were too cute to say no to. Wood and Buzz are some top notch guys in our house right now!
While putting my mound of groceries away, I SKYPED with lil miss and listened to her silly jibberish (I completely missed it too much!) Although she couldn't sit still enough for me to see her entire cute face!

To top the weekend off, I took Laramie to her FIRST concert at the Mid State Fair! Well, I guess it would really be her second, I went and saw KISS when I was about 6 months pregnant with her (she liked that concert too).
Although The Fresh Beat Band almost didn't happen! I went to grab our tickets to put in my purse and I could not find them! I searched and searched and searched!! Ripped my house apart several times and even went through the trash! (That was a dirty job!) But could not find them ANY WHERE! I had almost given up on going, when I decided to call the Fair to see about getting them reprinted, sure enough the AWESOME lady on the phone said they would have them at Will Call for me!! 
( I am convinced I will find them at some point, in the most obvious place too)

 We made it to the concert!! She was screaming with EXCITEMENT when they came out on stage!! It was the cutest moment!!

After she had a complete meltdown after only being there for about 10 minutes, she calmed down enough and get her groove on!! She was running up and down the aisle, even stopping for this family and dancing for them!
 And we made it through the concert! She sang songs and danced her little heart out!
We attempted an Ice Cream cone, but that didn't go over well, so we switched to Kettle Corn. That was a complete HIT! 
(Of course the Fair wouldn't be complete with out a Cinnamon Roll, 
Corn Dog, Smoothies and Carbonated Yummyness!)
On our way home she didn't even make it 5 minutes, and she was OUT! 
The day was a SUCCESS!!!
To top it all off, I came home to a clean house courtesy of my AMAZING Hubs! 
Fun weekend indeed!!

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