{Party Time} Ladybug Theme

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, I decided to go all out! And as you can tell, Ladybugs were the theme of choice!!

I used flower pots with a styrofoam ball stuck on top and hot glued moss on top. To give it a fun grassy look.

I used tons of red and black candies and snacks to 
stick with the colot scheme.

These little Ladybug Cake Pops were my favorite part of the party!
I used a BabyCakes cake pop maker to make the cake balls (super easy, and their recipes weren't bad)
I then melted red candy melts to dip the cake balls in and decorted them with black buttercream 

This cake was thrown together at the last minute by my best Friend Chelsey, who is a cake queen!!
I think it came out pretty cute for all the troubles it was giving us!

For the party favors, I sent every one home with a small mason jar filled with Ladybugs to 
add to their gardens. The kids got such a kick out of it. 

We had a ton left over, so I let L have at it and release them...All over herself!

 This little guy must have been so stoked!!


  1. LOVE! Ok so where did you buy the lady bugs?!! I want some!! lol!

    1. I ordered them online. I believe it was amazon.com. They were so much fun!!


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