Friday....(sleepy head nod)
Coffee Count: 2 Cups (and counting)
Types of Breakfast made this morning: 2
Amount of Energy I am running on this morning: 0

OK OK OK!! I am awake! I swear!!
So we're having coffee again! 
And this morning, I might just drink a whole pot to myself! I need it!
This month has been so busy busy!
Not complaining at all though, all for good reasons!

Had a great day yesterday at the store...until I was bombarded by some guy!
Not gonna lie...I was freaking out inside!!
This "Normal" looking guy comes in the store, (Note: I am completely by myself, no customers)
and greets me nicely and says he has some questions about shoes... OK, sure, no problem...Right...
Well, then he proceeds to tell me about these shoes and the name (Vans) and how it's disrespectful and on and on and  on...And the elderly with their crutches....And he would not try and sell these shoes (points to Logo on box) to his wife in Texas, but will gladly let the Man in Brooklyn know about them....ARE YOU WITH ME MA'MA!!!? (Proceeds to get VERY aggressive and has me cornered in our cashier area..) Now you know I find this offensive because, points to logo on box again, my name is Van so you can see where when you are selling this image that states MY name and I don't even know about it...(I think at this point I had a blank look and my heart was POUNDING!) ARE YOU UNDERSTANDING WHAT I AM SAYING MA'MA!!? (Starts to close the gap that was between us) Now you know young lady some might find it OFFENSIVE for me to be talking to you this close....Now I hope that one day when that man puts a ring on your finger, that it STANDS for something.....IT'S THE PRINCIPLE!!....When I walk down the street and I see that sign that says "Vans", I think that it is misleading...

Okay... were you lost....GOOD, cause that's how I felt the entire time he was YELLING at me!
OH WAIT!! I forgot to mention...The BIG black duffle bag that he was carrying with him...
If you know me in real life, I really have a hard time being mean or assertive towards people, so I stood there for a good 25 minutes. (I was hoping a customer would come in or the phone would ring...Something to save me from this guy).
After he proceeded to let me know in a strange way that I was stupid for having a blank look on my face and not understanding what he was trying to tell me, I told him:
"You are right, I don't know what you are talking about and I have no idea why you are even here. So I am going to have to ask you to leave!"
(Lump forms in my throat! Great!! Now he is going to stuff me in that duffle bag!!)
Luckily he decided to leave and tell me that he will no longer be shopping with us any more...
After telling the manager about it, she said this isn't the first time it has happened, so we decided it would be best for us and other merchants as well to call the police department and let them know about his guy...
I was of course on edge the rest of the day! 

Ended my Thursday by doing my Grandma's hair before she goes on a trip this weekend. Had some good laughs, and she also let me borrow a book she just finished, Killing Lincoln. I am really excited to read it. I have heard good things about it...
Made a late night Target run and got some FUN things and food of course...
It's hard to say no to cute clothes like these! I know if I didn't get them now, they would be gone or the sizes I would need would be available...Good enough reason...Right??! LOL

This morning I made not 1 but 2 different breakfasts!!
Made a nice little plate of scrambled eggs with some cereal....I guess I should have asked first..
Lil Miss wanted Pan-A-Cakes!
So like the GOOD mother I am, I caved and made them...And to give you a good idea of how tired I am, I forgot to add sugar! lol Oh well they still ate them! 

Do you have any great breakfast ideas for Toddlers?? I would LOVE to hear them and try them out!!

I also enjoyed my first PSL of the season yesterday!! 
So in love with this drink! I might try it Iced tomorrow!!!
I am looking forward to another busy weekend! Work all day Saturday and a Family/Senior Portrait Session on Sunday!!

At this point in our coffee date, now would be the point where you would SLAP me and tell me to ZIP it!
How was your week?? Any fun weekend things going on this weekend???


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She shares the same love I have for the PSL!!

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  1. Oh my goodness to the creepy guy! I hope you start at least carrying mace. Glad the situation ended on a decent note. I had an iced PSL the other day and it was heavenly <3 SO glad it is almost fall.

    1. I will definitely be bringing mace tomorrow! It's even a cute lil pink one lol. Can't wait for more fun fall festivities!!


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