{Weekend Rewind} Juggling Act

It's Monday Folks!
Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend, with your family and friends!
I had a non stop weekend! Not complaining at all about any of it, loved every minute. I just felt like I was constantly going, from one place to the next! 
Worked at the store again on Saturday, crazy that it is closing soon. Made lots of sales to some happy customers! Ended my Saturday with washing and styling my Grandma's hair and also doing a chemical relaxer on my Grandpa (Busted those out fast too!).
Sunday was a FUN day! I met up with a new friend that I made, of all places on Instagram. We found out we live just a town over from each other! Small world right!!? I gave her a bunch of craft stuff that I was getting rid of so we finally got to meet in person! She is super sweet and I think we have a lot in common! We will definitely have to get together again soon.
Continued Sunday morning with doing my other Grandma's hair. Then joined my sister and her other bridesmaids for a little lunch to discuss wedding details. Lots of laughter and some good wine (and pizza).
I also finally got back behind the camera again!!
My cousin and I planned a little fun shoot for the weekend. We initially just thought we would do a little country shoot with the dress and boots, but she does dance and ballet so why not take advantage of that!
And since my mom lives down the road from a VERY old cemetery, we decided to for go the country look and thought this would be a more dramatic background!
I have to say, that I am pretty proud of how this shoot came out! I usually don't like to brag about my stuff, but I am going to! This shots came out AMAZING!!!
Be sure to head over to my photography blog to check out the rest when I am done editing!

How did you spend you weekend?? Do anything fun???

{Instagram Weekend}

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