{Instagram Photo Challenge} August

YAY!! I completed the August Photo A Day Challenge by FatMumSlim!!
I think I was late on a good majority of the days, but I eventually got them posted!
I have started them in the past, but never followed through completely, always throwing in the towel by day 5 or 10. But I knew if I didn't complete it, I ultimately would not be able to put this post together.
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Now that I have August completed and under my belt, time to start September...And yes, I am already behind on this one!

I joined a fun sewing swap with Little Willow Tree.
I am kind of excited for this! I think this is going to be so much fun!!
You have until Sunday September 9th to sign up, so be sure to head over and email Ashley at willow.little@gmail.com 

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  1. You have way more dedication than I do. I am lucky to consistently post on a daily photo challenge.

    BTW, I am giving you a Liebster Award...check it out. http://princessmama1.blogspot.com/


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