Friday Morning Chat & Coffee

And so we meet again! 
Fresh pot of coffee brewed to perfection...French Vanilla Creamer, of course!
And 2 little munchkins running circles around me, screaming with JOY (kind of).
So if we were really sitting together for this little chit chat, I would tell you that I have a confession to make...
I have been such a slacker lately...
I don't know why, but I feel so over whelmed this month and I have been lacking in the post department. I have been good about my weekly posts, Weekend Rewinds and Thankful Thursdays... But everything else has fallen to the side and I kind of feel lame about it!
I know I don't have that many followers, but I know that their are regulars that read and comment and I am sure they are thinking "WHAAAAAAT!?"
Like seriously!
But I am trying to get all my posts organized so I can start busting them out like a MAD WOMAN!

On another note..I am in the process of organizing and redecorating my craft room! 
I have a GIANT hutch that houses all my goodies, which I really love. But I feel like because it is so big, I don't even use it cause it also takes away from my kiddies play area... Did I mention that my Craft room is also a (slash) Play room...
Long story short, I am selling my amazing hutch and my Hubs is going to make a desk/craft table to go along the wall. Then shelves and other Pinterest ideas for storage on the walls. In doing this I have started purging out all my stuff, which is kind CRAY CRAY!! Convinced my self that there is no point in housing things that I know I will never use.

And I am still working on my jewelry!! I have my new Etsy shop set up and a Facebook page ready to go for the launch! I am hoping to do the unveiling in October!! Kind of excited for the name!!
I racked my brain for days, but what I came up with is kind of AWESOME if I say so myself!!

Enough about me, if we were having coffee this morning what exciting things would tell me...

What I Wore Thursday: New Steve Madden Boots &
Paper Cloth & Denim Top

Sassified my life a little!!!

Friday Link Ups


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Hope you join me next Friday!!
Mustache Mama
Have a GREAT Friday & FABULOUS weekend!

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  1. I need to listen to Pink's new CD! And I love that Starbucks tumbler! I don't think you have to worry that you disappear sometimes. All bloggers do that or have to do that. The blog will always be here, but life or people won't! I'm on business travel in Tennesse, boo, and I would rather be at home with the Darling Husband and my 3 dogs! -Jessica



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