{Thankful Thursday} Power of Prayer

No I don't go to church on a regular basis.
I wouldn't say that I am all that Religious either.
I don't think that you need to be to Pray.

You see I have been praying a lot lately, quite a bit in these last 2 weeks actually. A family member has been in the hospital and under gone numerous surgeries. I feel guilty and scared. Guilty because I haven't been in touch with her like I should have been, I have no excuses for it. Scared because for a moment I wasn't sure if I would see her again...
So I prayed. 
I prayed my little heart out! That she would be okay. That I would see her again, that she would be healthy. And I am so Thankful that those prayers were heard!
She has a long road ahead of her with healing. She is so positive about life, and isn't worried about any struggles she might have in the future. She is a fighter!
I love you Aunt Bev!


  1. This is a really tender post. I truly believe prayer brings us closer to God and we will feel his presence more in ours lives. Thanks for sharing! Thinking of you and praying for you during this hard time!

  2. so thankful that we have a God that hears our prayers! health/healing is definitely something to be thankful for... praying that your aunt has a speedy recovery! thanks so much for linking up and happy thursday!! xoxo (following back:)

  3. Man you are putting me to shame! Your thankful posts are mind blowing and mine are about diet coke....... Love this post! I couldn't agree with you more!

  4. I hope everything is okay with your family member! That is a scary situation to find yourself in and sounds like you handled it beautifully!


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