{Friday Morning Chat & Coffee} Exciting Stuff About to Go DOWN!

It's Friday!!!
I am getting a late start this morning with getting this posted!
Oh well, better late than never right?!
If we were having coffee together this morning, I would have to tell you that I have some exciting news to share!!
Okay, so I have your attention...
Next Month, October, I will be turning the BIG 2-6! AHHH!!
So in Birthday Celebration, I am going to be doing a giveaway on the big day!
I revamped a BRAND NEW pair of TOMS as one of the BIG TICKET items!!
I am also going to be giving away a few pieces from my jewelry, which I would like to announce I am launching on Monday! And a few other fun things (i.e. Starbucks Gift Card!)
So stayed tuned on Monday for all the details on how you can WIN!!

So that's all the exciting stuff I have to share!! 
Remember to keep your eyes open on Monday for the 'It's My Birthday Giveaway!!'
And my Etsy Jewelry shop will be opening too!!

Love notes from my Hubby from when we were in High School

Family Evenings Together
Hope you had a great week!! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend??

Mustache Mama
Friday Link Ups
I look forward to her VLOGS every Friday!
 She is awesome! One day if I get enough
guts, I will have to try it out!!

Lil’ Mrs. Tori
Lil Mrs. Tori



  1. Yay for birthday months!! happy birthday!!!

    1. Yay for sure!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Those love notes are presh! So so sweet! And yay for Birthday giveaways :) Happy Friday to ya!

    1. I love them, some of my fave memories! Happy Friday to you as well!!

  3. I'm so going to enter your giveaway! Sounds awesome!

    1. YAY!!! I will be posting everything on monday!I think I will be running it until my actual bday so there's a good amount of time to enter! Plus if I want to add more to the Prize Lot! lol


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