It's Friday, It's Time for Caffeine...

Happy Friday!! I find myself dragging a little this morning!
Already on my second cup of home brewed goodness!
So if we were on an actual coffee date right now, I would first be sharing how exciting my Thursday was yesterday. 
I went back to work!! Ok, so let me clarify that a little. A cute little shop that I worked at pre-munchkins is sadly closing their doors in months time and they asked if I wouldn't mind helping out. Of course I couldn't say no. They were such a big part of my life for so many years, and this would almost be like returning the favor as sort of a thank you to them. So now for the next few weeks I will be there 2 days a week. 
This was actually kind of a hard decision for me. I knew immediately that I wanted to do it and after talking it over with the Hubs, I was set with my decision of yes. But being a stay at home mama, I was actually finding it difficult to leave my munchkins. Now with doing my photography and a few other side things, I have gone several hours with out the kids in one day (although it was hard). But I think committing myself to set days every week, kind of freaked me out! HOW WILL I SURVIVE!! (Sorry, I am a little ridiculously in love with my kids, LOL). 
So yesterday was my first day, and I have to say it went amazingly well! Both kids and I survived in one piece, the 5 hours we spent apart! I really have a great respect for all you mamas who either work part-time or full time! YOU ROCK!! (My mama being one them too!) I know you got to do what you got to do, but man not seeing those little faces all day, must be hard.
To tell you the truth to I was actually really nervous too. It was like I was starting this whole new job and was so afraid of messing up! Within a half hour, I realized it was kind of like that "getting back on the bike" feeling. I was back in my element. Chatting with customers, folding cute little clothes, and of course making my take home pile (UHH don't judge, you would do the same thing too!)
I was glad to see the kids after work and get them home into bed, I was strangely exhausted too. I will be back at it again on Saturday, but super excited to get back in there!
Cutest Store Right!!
Okay, if these don't make you want to have more little rugrats, then you might have problems!

At this point on our little coffee date, you would be telling me to zip it finally. And I would ask how your week was?? Any fun plans for the weekend?? Did your kids have fun at their first week back at school??

So today I am doing a few linkups! I am going to try an commit to these Friday posts, but we will see how it goes.
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  1. I am a SAHM and I fill in on occasion at the police station. It is so hard. My boys come and have lunch with me, but it is still rough.

    I guess I need to learn more about this Instagram...everyone is doing and I am stuck in the dark ages :)

    1. It's good to know that there are other mamas who feel the same.
      Yes you need instagram ASAP!! Lots of Bloggie ladies to follow and a great way to promote you and your blog!!


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