Let's Do The...Potty Dance!

I am sure all you mamas out there can agree with me on this, Potty Training is just insane! And for those of you who say it's a breeze, I would like to know what juice you are giving your kids!
As a mom, we are always working on trying to get our little ones to achieve each major milestone as they grow big and strong! Sometimes we might even feel the need to push them a little bit, even if they aren't entirely ready. But because society has this perception of how things should be, we find ourselves scrambling to make sure this list of things is done like clockwork!
And then there is the constant drilling to find out why your little one isn't crawling, walking, talking, and of course using the POTTY!
Now I am going to let you know, I tried everything in the book. I took every suggestion given to me, whether I agreed it would work, I tried it. Not one seem to be the winning trick.
At this point I just threw in the white flag! 
I was stressing myself out over it and I think Lil Miss was just becoming completely terrified of the whole situation! And I knew that eventually she would come around to it, I just decided I wanted it to be when she was ready and on her terms. (I also realized, she wasn't going to go to Kindergarten in diapers either lol)

So to get to the reason for this post, I am SO HAPPY to share that we have completed 1 successful week of potty training!! All of this was brought on by her too. She decided she was ready, so I ran with it!! She now tells me when she has to go and has even taken up on herself to just go on her own!!
This has been one of those PROUD MOMMY moments for sure!!
Now, we are still working on some potty situations, so I can't say she is completely done with diapers. I think we are definitely headed in the right situation with this whole POTTY Training Situation. I am sure in time she will get it all completely, but I will let her decided when that time will be!
I had decided to get 2 potties. We leave one in the living room and the other in the playroom. Plus who doesn't LOVE options!
These have been my saving grace!!
When I was shooting pictures of her potties, "I GOTTA GO MAMA!"

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