Lil Miss went in for her lab work yesterday afternoon. 
They tested her for hypoglycemia and diabetes.
It's truly amazing at the service that some people give and think is just fabulous! What we received in our Hospital from the Little Lab Lady, was anything BUT fabulous! I understand when people get busy with work and there is nothing that they can do to speed up the process, it happens. But when some one is deliberately taking their sweet time because they think they have the upper hand in this situation, that's where I start to get...ANGRY! It's hard enough to wait in such a daunting place anyways, but when you add 2 little munchkins under the age of 3 to your waiting, things can get crazy! If her constant walking back and forth with out any updates of how much longer it would be until she would see us wasn't annoying enough, she threw in a few eye rolls when my son (who I think was also annoyed with her) started to get cranky from our almost 10 minute wait...Mind you, we were the only ones in there and she had already taken our paper work, not quite sure what the hold up was?
She finally popped out from behind her little curtain and let us know that it would about another 10 MINUTES!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! I don't know if we can last another 10 minutes in this place and endure more of this craziness! 
We told her that we were going to wait in the car, where the kids could at least watch some Mickey Mouse and would be back in 10 MINUTES to check if she was ready for us yet. As we settle into the car for a bit, my mom went back to see what the status of our 10 MINUTE wait was. Before she was given the verdict, the Little Lab Lady proceed to ask my mom:
 "Will the mom be holding IT?"
WHAAAAAAT?!?! IT!! Lucky for my mom knows how to let someone know when they need to be put in their place with out getting all JANKY on them! 
My mom kindly, no, sternly let her know that:
"No, the mom will not be holding HER, I will!"
OH MY DEAR! Some people I tell you!! 
Lil Miss got her little arm poked and we were done! 

I got a call from the Pediatrician's office this afternoon with the results. Everything was normal. Which the Dr told us he thought it would be anyways because the test was done so late in the day after eating and drinking. But normal is a good thing, although it still doesn't give us an answer as to why what happened on Sunday happened. I am waiting to hear back from the Dr on whether or not we should do follow up testing  or start to monitor her glucose levels through out the day and see if we see any changes at home. In talking with a few friends and family members, they have all said that it sound like there is something wrong and we should still continue to search for the cause and a solution to what ever it is.
So now we wait for more answers...

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