{Weekend Rewind} Playing, Rearranging and Instagraming

IT'S MONDAY!!! Hope you all had a great weekend!! 
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Well, we had a fun weekend. The kids of course tore through the house like a TORNADO! So that left me to clean up behind them. I love watching them play lately. They have been enjoying each others company so much more these days. They definitely have their crazy sibling moments, but those seem to be few and far between now. I think they might actually like each other!! (YAY!!)

I wish I would have taken a before picture. If you can picture it, this area was just the table with out the two cabinets. And I had the receivers sitting down on the table. Well my little hoolagins think that it's is funny to push all the buttons or try and stick things into the USB ports. It kind of drives me crazy! I thought that one of these red cabinets would solve my problem, which it did. Receiver is completely out of their reach, until they hit their growth spurts. But just one looked a little lop-sided. I am so glad that I had 2! I don't know why but this little change has really made me fall in love with my living room! I am still lacking in the wall decoration part, but I think this is a step forward in the right direction!! I got a few suggestions to put a frame around the TV, and I think we are going to do it!!! It's only taken me a year and several rearrangements to finally feel happy with how it looks!

{Instagram Photos}
Here are a few of my favorite Instagram photos from this weekend too. I discovered some new iPhone editing tricks from
If you haven't checked out her stuff, you are totally missing out!! She has fun fonts and icons and also shows you how to upload them on to your iPhone to use them in the Phonto app!! Just when I thought the iPhone couldn't get any better...
Also, the app Snapster+ is pretty amazing as well. It gives this fun dreamy, rainbow effect. 
  PicFx is another amazing photo editing app, if you have seen the Bokeh all over the place (fun little light flares), this is the app that does it!!
Another one of my FAVEs is of course BubbleFrame!!
If you are an avid Instagramer user and you want to make your pictures POP, these are definitely going to get you there!!!
Here are a few pictures from this weekend.
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