{Weekend Rewind} To Grandma's House We Go

Happy Monday!!! 
WOW, this weekend sure did fly by! We were pretty much stuck inside because of this
crazy heat spell we have been having this last week! 115 degrees!! 
But we survived! Made a trip to my Mom's house so I could do my Grandma's hair Saturday, that was fun. The kids enjoyed popsicles with GiGi and I got to do some hair!! Touched up Grandma's roots and a little trim to get her through her up coming trip to Seattle. We even watched the Women's Basketball Final game, USA triumphing over France. For both of us not being basketball folks, we sure got into the game!!
Continued my Make Shift Salon at my house on Sunday morning with my other Grandma. We touched up her roots and styled her all pretty for the week. It was nice to nice to get my hands back in to some hair, even if it was only for a few days.
My Hubs was excited that Deer Season opened this weekend, so you know where he was! Can I blame him though!! They only have this small window of time to do these fun things, well legally at least. I am glad that Shopping Season is open all year round!! I think I would go crazy!

Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend and excited to get this Monday started with a few cups of coffee!!

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  1. Loving that there wall art, very nice!!

    1. Thank you!! Now I just need to get them on the wall! lol


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