Happy Thursday Everyone!!! 
And it's another post for Thankful Thursday!!
Since becoming a mom, my get together with friends have kind of been pushed to the side. I have done many play dates with other mommy friends and their little munchkins, which is awesome cause then the kids have little friends to chase around and the mommy's get to play catch up on life and everything in between. Lately though, I have been making a point to get together outside of play dates, don't get me wrong, I love play dates!! But sometimes as a mom, we need just that small little window of time to just let our hair down, or in my case up, to just relax, chat and enjoy a glass of wine...or two. Even if it's just for an hour, it seems to be enough time to let your mind just breath for a bit and recharge in a way. Although, I have to admit I am guilty  of constantly talking about my munchkins a ton, even on these fun Girls Night Outs. I guess I can't completely shut my brain off. They are my life, it's hard not to think of them 24/7, even when I am just running to the store really quick or trying to enjoy a fun night with a few great friends.
But I think it is a healthy thing for moms to get out here and there (I am not talking about partying). I am trying to be a better friend by taking advantage of these times, and I think in doing so I am also becoming a better me which carries over into being a better mom.
This girl and I have been friends for 6 years! We met in beauty school and worked at our first salon together, which she still works at. We have so many amazing stories and memories we have made that always bring us to tears from so much laughter!! And it doesn't matter how much time has passed since the last time we saw each other, we always seem to know where we left off and start from there. Plus fill each other in on the juicy details of everything that has happened since then too!

Another fun thing about Girls Night Out, you get to play dress up too! 
A little makeup, flowy tops, and some heels... Then add in the great company paired with a nice glass of vino, and it all makes for a FABULOUS night out!


  1. I agree with you and I need to remember this! I haven't been out without the kids on a momma play date for... well I don't even recall the last time I was without them! I need to plan one ASAP!

    1. Yes, you do need a mama's night out ASAP!! I have been on 2 in the last 3 years. My Hubs and I should actually do more date nights to, we have only had a few of those too since the kids were born. Us mama's have to treat our selves to a little fun every once in awhile!


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