{Thankful Thursday} Caffeine is My Friend

I don't know if it is this crazy heat spell that we have been having or what, but I seem to have no energy this past week! So I have been turning to a friend of mine to help keep me going, CAFFEINE! With out a couple cups in the morning, I would literally become Zombie Mom!!
I am sure it's not good to be drinking as much as I have been, but it seems to be helping me.
I am so thankful that coffee is so convenient in the morning to just grab and go.
 (All though if Starbucks ever delivered, I would definitely have them on speed dial!)

Since we are on the subject of coffee, I am starting a little Blog Hop Coffee date every Thursday. We will all share posts about what we have been thankful for the past week and link up to read what others have to post! I am sharing all this a day early that way everyone has time to get there posts together. It can be about what ever you like! Family, friend, food, store, a pet, TV show...anything you are thankful for feel free to share!!! I am hoping this will be the first of many coffee dates, but know that it might start out slow, but with your help we can make this lots of fun with all our friends!
And grab a cute little button after you have linked up!!


  1. Oh, I love those bottled frappuccinos! I decided this time around to save the bottles to do something crafty with, too - they're SO cute!

    1. Adrianne, I plan to do the same thing too!! I am wanting to use them for parties! They are just too cute and so many uses for them!


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