{Weekend Rewind} Trying to Beat the Heat

Happy Monday and welcome to my new followers!!! 
Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!! 
We had a nice relaxing week. We stayed inside majority of the time because it's still BLAZING hot here!! Spent some time at my mom's and visited with my sister, who was busy making  Corn Hole boards for her upcoming wedding. If you haven't played Corn Hole, you're missing out!
Watched few Shark Week shows. Still makes me that much more terrified of them. Although the technology that they use now is AMAZING! Learned that they are using these Phantom Cameras, which are capable of shooting 1,000 fps (frames per second), to shoot when Great White Sharks breach. If you have not seen videos of this, it's unbelievable. That's my little history lesson for the week.
Then spent the rest of the weekend at home. Cleaning, cooking, and even a little cat napping. 
Perfect way to spend the weekend with the ones I love!

How did you enjoy your weekend??

The Hubs caught a praying mantis in our front yard and gave it to Lil Miss. She thought it was a grasshopper, Tomato-Tamato!
She made a new friend! Poor little guy had to put up with quite a bit. Some shakes here and there and even tossed across the room! While she wasn't paying attention, I did a little Praying Mantis release so he could live to see another day...Well to only be caught again a few hours later so Lil Miss could have him again. 


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