Pretty Little Media Icons Courtesy of All The Adoreables

If you look to your right, you will see that I have some cute little media banners!! LOVE them!
I wasn't really happy with then ones I had been using and changing to. Then I hopped on Etsy last night and stumbled across All The Adorables shop.
She offers Blog Kits, Social Media Buttons, Etsy Business Kits, Printables, & Blog Backgrounds. 
It was hard to choose which icons to go with, I really could have picked all of them!
I decided on these ones so I could use a custom color to match what colors I already have going on.
They fit perfectly right on my sidebar! 
Stop by :
{The Shop} All The Adorables

*Note: These are just .jpg images. There is no html code included. She shows you on her blog how to crop and save each banner/icon on Pixlr
Then you have to insert the image code into your html code for your new social media banner/icon. I went over to The SITS Girls Blog, where they show you how to create the icons for your blog and provide you with the HTML code you will need. It is very easy so don't be freaked out by it!! I used Photobucket to get my image URL (use the Direct Link code). 
When you have all your codes set up with the correct link addresses and image URLs, I put them all into one HTML Gadget in my template, making sure there was proper spacing (also check to make sure that your double parentheses (") are all the same, they tend to change when you copy and paste, so if it's not working just go through and replace them with new ones but make sure you don't change anything else. 
And there you have it! It took me about 15 minutes start to finish!!
 It's really pretty easy! I am no computer whiz, if you are finding that what I tried to explain isn't working do a little google searching, it's all available out there with the in depth instructions, I just tried to get to the point for you! *


  1. Hi, Claire from All the Adorables here - thanks again for this lovely write-up Heidi!

    And these are great tips for installing blog button graphics on Blogger too...

    Claire xo

    1. Anytime! Thank you for beautifying my cute little social banners!


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