{Thankful Thursday} The Hubs

So there are many things that fall under the Thankful category when it comes to my Hubby. It's really hard to pick just ONE thing that he does to be Thankful for...But for the sake of this post, I will choose one to share.

So today I will choose his way of always making me laugh with out even trying.
Whether it's the silly joke that makes no sense, or his version of Michael Jackson's "Moon Walk" (laughing just thinking about that one!), he is always making me giggle! Sometimes even bringing tears to my eyes (I have this weird thing where I cry when laugh really hard, slightly embarrassing at times!)
And I think he has the same effect on others, always bringing a good chuckle to someone's day!
I even sense his funny bone is hereditary, our munchkins are showing signs of funny too!!
His sense of humor is one of the the many reasons I fell in love with him. He can put a smile on my face when I am feeling a little blue and always has the BEST comebacks, I am quite jealous at times!
So with that all said, he is a pretty great guy. And like I said before, there a million one things that he does that I am thankful for. And I love him for every one of those too!

So what are you thankful for this week?? Don't for get to link up your post to Coffee Date with Mustache Mama!


  1. Doesn't it drive you crazy when they have clever comebacks and your mind goes blank?! At least you get a laugh out of it right!

    1. YES!! I sit there in silence hoping something will pop in my little less witty brain, and I get nothing! LOL

  2. Butter Butt...Bahaha! That doesn't not rhyme...stinker. OK side fact my son has CRAZY cellulite ALL OVER his butt. My husband said he gets his booty from me...hubbys...gotta love um! ;)



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