{Weekend Rewind} BUSY!

Happy Monday everyone!!
I swear yesterday was just Friday! These weekends seem to be flying by! 
I am a little slacking today on this post. My mind has been going 100 mph these past few days. 
If you haven't heard/read I officially opened my Etsy shop this last week.

I am super excited about it. Have been getting a lot of great feedback from so many awesome people! I also just added some of the jewelry I have started making to the shop last night. I think once I get the jewelry part all figured out and established, I will be opening it's own little shop on Etsy. We will see, but I kind of want it to have it's own place and name away from the Mustache Mama shop, it will be like a sister shop I guess.

Any who, that's where I am with all that!
We had a busy weekend visiting Grandma's like usual and enjoying this cooler weather FINALLY!!
It was nice no having to turn on the A/C all day.
I also discovered that Lil Man has a NEW tooth coming in! That would 7 little razors in his mouth!
Lil Miss is still going good with potty training too, still in the early stages but definitely making progress.
Didn't get to see much of my Hubs this weekend, busy working away. But we did make plans to go to the beach this coming weekend which I am really excited about!! Haven't been in over a year!! The kids will love it too, it's all I seem to hear about lately. LOL

Instagram Weekend

Oh, and then this happened...
Kind of peed my pants in EXCITEMENT! LOL

Well that's enough about me rambling! How was your weekend?? Did you do anything and exciting??


  1. Weekends def go TOO FAST! Can't wait to your beach pictures soon! I'll be JELLY! ;)

    1. I can't wait for beach pics either!! I will try not to make you too Jelly! ;)

  2. The cat is hilarious!

    Just found your blog! New Follower Here!



    1. Thank you Hannah!
      The cat had us dying from laughter!!
      Thank you for the follow! I just popped over to your blog and I am now your newest follower!!
      Thanks again!


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