{Trusting} My Mommy Instincts

You know that feeling you get, deep down in the pit of your stomach. That feeling that makes you aware of something, yet you are still wondering what it is. Let's call it the "Mommy 6th Sense".
Mine was going FULL FORCE this morning!!
Yesterday around 5pm, Lil Miss told my Hubs that she wanted a bottle and was ready for bed. Okay, for us this is unusual. She never takes naps (other than the car ride to and from town) and she never likes to go to bed early.
So we all kind of slept in this morning, 8 am, which was awesome! So I got up and started my usual morning routine. Got G a bottle while I started breakfast and grabbed a cup of coffee. At this point Lil Miss was still sleeping...Which lately hasn't been happening either. Usually she is up by 7, but I figured what's the big deal in her sleeping in a little while.
Got the little guy his breakfast with a side of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and said goodbye to the Hubs for the day, as he had to work. Grabbed my coffee and sat down for my morning phone chat with my Mom. We went through our routine questions about the night before and how the kids slept... "Good, and Lil Miss is still sleeping.." At this point it was about 9:20, and we were a little shocked that she was still sleeping! My mom suggested I go check on her. I go into her room, where I find her sleeping on the floor. Hmmm...That's weird. I tried to sneak out, but she woke up and was so excited to see me "MAMA!"
I brought her out to the living room and put her on the couch and grabbed her a bottle and finished up my conversation with my mom.
I had my eye on Lil Miss, I just felt that there was just something off. But I wasn't quite sure what it was. She continued to lay in the same spot and just "stare" and the TV. This is also unusual too because by this point she would normally be bouncing off the walls! I asked her if she wanted eggs for breakfast and with out a beat she said, "YES!! EGGS!!". Hmmm... That again is weird. It's usually like pulling teeth to get her to eat anything I want her to eat, but she was all about the eggs! That works for me!
Gave her a plate FULL of scrambled eggs right as my Grandma showed up for her weekly hair appointment. I was about half way through blow drying her hair, when this feeling of  'SOMETHING is just not RIGHT' came over me. It had been about 45 minutes since my Grandma had shown up and Lil Miss hadn't even moved off the couch. I went to check her forehead thinking maybe she was coming down with something, no fever. She then asked me for MORE EGGS!! Okay, what is going on here!! (To some of you, all of this might sound completely normal, but she is never like this.)
I continued my and finished up my Grandma's hair and sent her on her way so I could tend to Lil Miss and figure out what was going on. Got back on the phone with my mom and we were discussing how we both thought something was off. Maybe she was just coming down with something, but I couldn't believe how hungry she was and she had also downed a few things of water and some juice. All the while still laying on the couch. I just knew there was something off about this whole situation.
My mom ended up coming over, bringing some orange juice and Tylenol, hoping maybe they would help. We went through the normal 'check to see if my child is sick checklist'. But no fever, no vomiting and no real sign of being ill. But still, I had that feeling. I also realized that I hadn't changed her diaper since I changed her when she woke up. I went to check her and she wasn't wet! She had a bottle and about 4 sippy cups of water/juice!! How is she not wet one bit! We then decided to try and get her off the couch. She stood up for a second and then layed herself on the ground. So we took her to the kitchen thinking she might walk back to the couch. All that did was upset her, and she wouldn't stand on her own. We propped her up on the couch with a few pillows and gave her some pedialite hoping that my jump start her. She drank 2 sippy cups and continued to lay there.
She seemed very lethargic, and very pale in her face. I started to think, maybe she didn't eat or drink enough the night before. She was kind of shaking, but still no fever. My mom suggested that she probably just has some weird bug and that if she is still like this that I should call the doctor. Unfortunately, it's a Sunday, so all I will get is an on call nurse. At this point though, I am totally fine with that!
She finally had a SOAKING wet diaper and seemed to be a little be more with it. By this time it was about 11:30. I asked her if she wanted a hot dog, and of course she said YES! Got it for her and she demolished it! And then wanted another! Kind of got worried that she might throw everything up after drinking like a fish and chowing down! Got her one more sippy cup of Orange Juice, which guzzled down in a heartbeat. With in about 20 minutes, she literally JUMPED off the couch and started running around like the crazy little munchkin she is!
THERE IS MY LIL MISS!!! All my fear of something being horribly wrong had subsided, for that moment at least. It was as if someone had flipped a switch! She was on the go, singing and dancing around as if the last 3 hours didn't happen! THANK YOU LORD is all I could think to say. She was happy and bubbly the rest of the day, ate her lunch and dinner and went to bed at her normal bedtime!

We are thinking that we need to get her checked for hypoglycemia. Looking back on the situation as a whole, some of the signs were there. She gets like this sometimes, but it has never been this bad. So tomorrow I am going to make a call to the Pediatrician to see about getting her in for some tests. Who knows, it may just have been some fluke of a thing. But something tells me that it is more than that. I just hope there might be some answers as to why it happened and what we can do to prevent it from happening  again. 

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