So I have been following Ashley over at Little Willow Tree blog for a little while now, and she is so awesome to link up with my every Thursday for {Thankful Thursday} Coffee Date with Mustache Mama. So when ever I hop over to read her post, I always see her Currently posts (every Thursdays also).
So I finally realized it was a Link Up! 
I have now discovered Harvesting Kale!! And I am super excited to do my first (of many I hope) 'Currently' posts!!!

I am Currently....

Watching a few different shows... When the kids are up we are watching something for them through out the day; Mickey Mouse,Yo Gabba Gabba (gag!), Pocoyo...But for normal adult type shows I have a few that I watch every week; Parenthood (always in tears), Modern Family (always in tears from laughing), Greys Anatomy (hoping it picks up soon, because the story line this season has been kinda BLAH!) and of course Dexter!(it's on every Sunday, but since my Hubs has to work early on Monday and the rest of the week we end up not watching it til Thursday nights..So lucky for me today is Thursday!!!)

Reading a lot of blogs at the moment. I haven't started new book...I am still trying to get over 50 Shades of Grey...(sigh!) Kind of hard to start reading a new book after those! Would it be weird if I said that I am kind anticipating the movie...Just saying!

Eating blue pancakes for breakfast this morning! Request from Lil Miss. I take that back, it was more of a DEMAND! 
Inspired by a lot of things lately. I have been finding so many new blogs to follow and everything they share has inspired me as a blogger! I am still a new blogger (a few months to be exact) so reading what others share motivates me to be true to myself and continue blogging!! Plus through all this I have 'met' so many awesome ladies!! 
Thinking of a million things. Like all the time! Sometimes I wish my brain would just shut off so I can sit for like 5 minutes and just be a blob! lol So many ideas running in my brain, things that need to get done, etc! If I am lucking enough I write it down before I forget what it is! That's easier said than done!



  1. Yay! You're awesome!

    1. I so love this!! Adding this to my Thursday Postings!!

  2. I'm so glad you linked up. I always find the BEST blogs to follow through the Currently link up!

  3. Yay, I'm a follower of Harvesting Kale as well and totally forgot to include my post today - not exactly their theme but it was still what I'm currently up to! Love link ups, it's true - it's where I've found some great new blogs!

  4. So many people are talking about Parenthood. I have in in my Netflix queue now, just haven't had the chance to start. Modern Family is so good too.

  5. Ok, the tears from Parenthood were almost too much to handle this week. I just about died when Haddie walked in and then ohmy - they turn into slow motion and mute the words/reactions and I'M SOBBING!

    I'm so happy you linked up this week!

    1. This Parenthood season needs to come with a box of tissues!! I was right there with you when Haddie showed up!! And I was a sobbing mess the next 5 minutes!!
      I love this linkup!! You can count me in every Thursday!!


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