{Thankful Thursday} Home Sweet Home

I am so thankful for my Home.
I am not talking about my house, although I am thankful for that too.
I am talking about where I live!
California...the Central Coast...Home
I when most people hear California, they tend to cringe!
Yes with crazy laws and elevated living prices, it can be a downer. 
But if you look past all that, we are pretty luck and fortunate to live in such 
a GORGEOUS place!
Minutes from the Coast (well 45 for me at least)
Beautiful Landscapes
And so much more! 
I would say that this place really isn't all that bad...

                                                                                     Source: google.com via jaxbeard on Pinterest


  1. Yay:) I'm on the Central coast too...well for another couple of weeks anyways:)

  2. I live in So. Cal. and I love it!! I am a transplant from the east coast and I never want to go back! When we were moving here I thought everyone has big boobs, blonde hair and a convertible. Haha! Now I know, it's pretty normal! Love your blog!♥


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