Sew Swap!!

I joined a Sew Swap a little while ago.
It was hosted by the lovely Ashley who blogs over at Little Willow Tree.
If you haven't stopped by her blog yet...You need to go now!! This girl is AWESOME! 
I have dubbed her the Sewing Queen! Amazing stuff she is always making and sharing on her bloggie!
I might have to have her show me a few of her tricks, like installing a zipper....dun dun dun!!

Sew Swap

Ashley did such a great job putting this all together!!
So here is what I made my swap partner Rita!

She mentioned she likes to drink coffee, so I thought these might be perfect for her!! Maroon was one of her favorite colors, so I thought she might like the top fabric! And me LOVING mustaches couldn't help but thrown in the 'Stache fabric!! I kinda want one for myself!!
I hope she loves them as much as I loved making them!!

My swap Partner Joelle sent me this...
This girl has some mad sewing skills!! She made this adorable newsboy cap!!
It's so professional looking!! 
Thank you so much Joelle! It is so beautifully made, and I am going to have to fight my daughter for it!! She thinks all hats in this house belong to her!!

Be sure to head over to Little Willow Tree 
And check out all the other fun Swap Items!!
This was so much fun! I hope she does this again soon!!!


  1. Wow! these are awesome..I'd totally do this - the sew swap - but I'm terrible at deadlines and I'm great at making excuses to not finish something..but I'm trying to change that.

    1. I am terrible too, I am a wait til the last minute kind of person lol...Definitely something I need to work on too hehehe

  2. GASP! That hat is fantastic!


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