{Thankful Thursday} YOU!! Yes, I mean YOU!

It isn't about me...It's about you!! Yes, I am talking about you!!
You have come to read this post!! Maybe it's your first time. Or maybe you are hear every day. Or you stop by every Thursday to see what I am Thankful for...
Well, today is your lucky day!!
Cause I am THANKFUL for YOU!!
The Reader
The Follower
The Supporter
The Friend
I thank you for continually coming back for more!
With out you, I would just be some crazy lady writing on the internet, well I still just might be that...
But you all make me enjoy it more. Knowing that some one is reading what I write and likes it,
kinda makes me GIDDY! 
I think in this past few weeks the numbers, though they aren't large, have jumped like CRAZY!
So THANK YOU for that!!!
I have really enjoyed sharing with you and I also enjoy reading what you have to offer as well!!
We are all in this together, Right!

Also if you haven't noticed already...Actually I am sure you have, it's kind of hard to miss this AWESOMENESS!!!
My blog-a-roonie has a new look!!!
Pretty amazeballs right!?
I have to give another BIG thanks to 
She has literally blown me away with her crazy mad design skills!!
If you are ever thinking of doing a BlogLift (facelift for your Blog),
you should, no wait, YOU MUST go check her out!!!!!!
Thank you Lauren for going 
 (Quoting the incredible Buzz LightYear)


  1. congrats on your growing blog! Your design looks amazing :) Love your intro picture especially!

  2. Heidi, you are so awesome...wait....I'm sorry AMAZEBALLS is it? LOL I'm so happy everything is growing and your making new friends and your shop is amazing!! I've really missed being a part of it. I've been missing out a lot lately. BUT, I do still stalk you!! I'm just all in the blues. If you hadn't seen in our FB group I was recently diagnosed with PMDD. BOOOO, right? What the eff is this crap, I say! I'm going on some hormones soon and I'm praying that they work like instantaneously! I'm done with this C-R-A-P! I just wanted you to know, I'm still here, still lovin you and your blog.


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