Currently...Week 2

I am currently...

Feeling quite tired. I can't seem to catch up on sleep...or go to sleep for that matter. I go to bed around 9ish, but find myself laying in bed for 2 hours trying to fall asleep. Then by the time morning comes, I can't even wake up to my alarm...SNOOZE!! Considering trying something to help with sleeping, maybe a tea or something...

Drinking A LOT of coffee because I am so flippin' tired!! I don't know if I have ever drank so much coffee in my life!! I actually ran out of creamer the other morning, so the coffee freak that I am made a special trip to town to get some more!! Plus stuff for dinner, so I don't sound to cray cray!! I need to drink more water though. What I chug in coffee, I lack in water! Wait a minute....I use water to make coffee...Hmmmmmmm

Looking for my brain! I lost it about 3 or more years ago...I don't know if I will ever find it again!! That's why I carry a notebook around. But since I can't find my brain, I can never remember to actually write anything down in my notebook. So I just carry around a blank notebook for the heck of it!

Dreaming of sleep...I think there is a theme going on here...

Making time to spend with my Hubs this weekend! My mom is taking the kids, so we will have a whole 2 days to ourselves...Childless (Kinda). Haven't really made any official plans. Possibly a nice sit down dinner at an actual restaurant!! Maybe we will get wild and go see a movie!! Although I might just fall ALSEEP! HA!


  1. Hmmm...this sounds just like my week! So.Exhausted. Have a fun weekend, I'm jealous!

  2. aw girl get some sleep!!
    i have seen your button on a few of my fav blogs so i decided to come check it out!!
    love it. now following!

  3. You have an iphone, right? Try downloading the Sleep Cycle App! It's amazing and wakes you up during your lightest sleep. It's changed the way my husband and I sleep & wake. You'll love it.
    Hope you have a great weekend with your hubby. That sounds fabulous!

    1. Totally downloading it now!! Thank you Alyson!!!!

  4. Oh I hear ya! and thanks Alyson - I'm going to check that out too!

  5. Hey there! Stopping by and following from the blog hop! This is such a cute idea - I might have to do something like this in the future! I'm drinking A LOT of coffee lately too! xoxo


  6. Hello Heidi! New follower here from the GFC Collective :) Loved you Pinterest boards!!

    -Mariely marielyvp.blogspot.com

  7. I am currently super sleepy too...what gives?! new follower from the linkup! :)


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