Harvesting Memories

This weekend we packed the kids up in the car for a trip to a local pumpkin patch.
We decided on Chesebrough Farms
They are based out of Templeton California, down an old dirt road (for reals!)
I love their whole set up, and that they aren't one of those crazy LARGE pumpkin patches where you have to go out an pick your own... That's totally cool if that's your thing, with toddlers though, the less surface area for them to escape the better!
We had perfect weather too.
The kids enjoyed a wagon ride around the patch and picked out their pumpkins. Okay, I actually picked them out, they could really care less which one they took home.
We even managed to squeeze in a quick family photo op.
Although I am not happy with how I look in them, they came out pretty cute.
We came home with not only pumpkins, but some great memories!

Have you taken a trip to the pumpkin patch yet??


  1. What a wonderful place. It doesn't look too busy! Great photos!! We did go to the pumpkin patch, but Lilly's so little, it was more for me. Happy October!

  2. You look great in that family picture. What are you talking about? It looks like your family had a wonderful time. We went to a little pumpkin patch this year. Last year we went to a big farm and had a blast making our way through the fields. For my kids, the more options for running, the easier it is to handle them. Funny how different kids can be, right?

  3. You have a beautiful fmaily! Glad I found you through the hop, thanks for cohosting, i followed :)

    Lyndsay @ theallmylove.blogspot.com

  4. Great pictures! I just found you through the hop! Thank you for co-hosting. I can't wait to follow along and read more.


  5. Love the pics!
    New Follower from blog hop http://andyandbrittanymyers.blogspot.com


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