What's In My...

How many of you have a purse??
Ok, most of you I would think...
How many of you have a GIANT purse, one that you could literally carry a 
small child in??
 (I don't advise doing that though)
Well, if you are like me then you answered yes to both! And I am guessing that you probably have more than one of these "Child-Bearing" bags! I only say this because, well I am guilty of hoarding a few or 5...
I thought it would be fun to dump out the contents in the Current Bag of Week ( I have to rotate them so they don't feel as if they are unwanted...) and see what fun treasures have been lost in there.

This is a relatively new-ish bag, so it's not as full as some of my others might be.

  1. My old wallet and Check book
  2. Mrs. May's Natural Almond Crunch (yummers!)
  3. iPhone...DUH!
  4. This is my NEW wallet, it's actually kind of old now, I just have yet to transfer anything in to it
  5. So I have no clue what happened here, I saved the picture before I realized I numbered the wallet twice. So for the sake of time and not wanting to redo it, refer to number 4!
  6. My house and mailbox keys
  7. Munchkin's Snack bowl, a must for car rides and store adventures
  8. Mini hairspray...that's another DUH!
  9. Mini deodorant...(don't laugh)
  10. Random spoon
  11. Car keys to my Jetta
  12. laWARRIOR business cards... gotta be prepared!
  13. $.80
  14. Gold Card for Starbucks!! WHOOP WHOOP!! (If you don't have one and you are a frequent Starbucks-aholic, then you need to go HERE!!!)
  15. Starburst...which are now gone since I found them in there
  16. Elemental Herbs All Good Lips SPF18 in shades Alpine Pink and Pacific Pink. Perfect for those who are always in the sun!
  17. Cover Girl Mascara LashBlast 24 Hour LUUUUUUUUV this mascara!! One because it's aaaaamazing and two, did I mention it's aaaaaamazing!?
  18. WannaBe-Ray Bans...$14 at Tar-Jay! One day I will get the REAL deal!
  19. Notebook and pen. My lovely bloggie friend Aleisha who blogs at Britches & Boots gave me the BEST advice as a newbie blogger. Carry around a notebook to keep all my ideas in for my blog. I am so glad she told me this, because it has really helped!! Thanks Girl! XO
  20. Website Booklet. If you don't have one, you need one! It helps you remember all your info (login, passwords, etc) for all the websites you use. I can never remember the right combos I use for which websites. I suffer from Placenta Brain, I blame it on my children! LOL
  21. EOS Lip Balm FAVE!!
  22. EOS Hand Lotion....FAVE...I am kind of guilty of buying things sometimes because they look cool
  23. Fakey Glasses... When I was in High School, I always wore "glasses" because I just loved wearing them. I wore them so much, I had people convinced I actually needed them. I ended up loosing them one day, and while in my History class Junior year we were watching a movie. My awesome teacher Ms. Williams asked if I needed to move closer cause she noticed I didn't have my glasses on...I ended up having to break the news to her...
  24. Dinosaur Friend, he has traveled many miles in this bag...
There it is. All out for you to see!!
Ok I have to share with you, I didn't show you everything......
This lil guy was hiding in there with all my receipts!!! 
(I disposed of the evidence before my Hubs got home...)

Whelp, that's out in the open now. I give it another 2 weeks and that bag will be over flowing with about 100 more knick-knacks! 
Does the inside of your bag look anything like mine?? 100 times better?? Or worse??
Share with us!!!


  1. Yes! That would be great!

    1. SAAAWEET!! I know that I never have the same things in my bag in a months time, and sometimes I switch bags. I think it will be fun!! I will keep ya posted!!

  2. I love this post! So fun...maybe I'll put what's in my bag up on the blog. I LOVE how you admit to buying products based on their packaging---same here!

    1. Devon! I added a link up option to it just now! So link up when you have something! I am running it for a week, since it was kind of a last minute link up thing!!! I would love to see what you got too!! ;) I am a sucker for cool packaging!!
      (If you don't mind sharing, that would be awesome!!)

  3. Loved this idea! I love your purse and notebook! That is a great idea about carrying a notebook, it's true inspiration is everywhere... I just linked up and am excited but at the same time nervous didn't realize I had a cheese stick wrapper in my purse! oops!

    1. Thanks!! At first it was just going to be a silly post, but HECK why not share the fun!!! The notebook is awesome, always right there when I need it!!! You shouldn't be nervous about it!! Your post was AMAZEBALLS!! You sure as heck would have seen all the crumbs I would have had if I was using one of my old bags!! Thanks again!!

  4. Um, so my routine now, is to just abandon a purse and start a new one, only taking out my wallet and phone..it's terrible and disgusting, I know. I have like two bags I need to go thru and clean out - But I'm terrified of what might be in there!

  5. new[est] follower. I'm seriously loving your blog so much. I can't wait to keep reading and following along!

    stop by sometime!

    1. Thank you so much for following and loving!! (Blushing) I am headed over to your bloggie!!

  6. I took a lil bloggin break this Tuesday, but next Tuesday I wanna link up with you! I am embarrassed by the amount of stuff in my purse lol I think I could survive for a week off of the crap...

    1. NO worries!! I have the link up live til next Tuesday, so if you want you can link up anytime in between there if you want also! I have been getting them as it goes! I am going to host it once a month!
      Don't be embarrassed!! I always carry random crap with me in my bag!! LOL


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